What is a “foundup?”

I saw this mandala-like Venn diagram on Facebook:

The Venn Diagram partitions the plane into 14 regions. There are of course 16 possible subsets of the four elements. The two are excluded from the diagram (but hopefully not excluded as possibilities) are

  • You are great at it
  • The world needs it
  • You don’t love it
  • You aren’t paid for it

and the complementary scenario:

  • You are not great at it
  • The world doesn’t need it
  • You love it
  • You are paid for it

The first of these scenarios identifies by the Venn Diagram as “impossible” might apply to a soldier, probably not in the modern world in which it’s assumed in all but the most tragic countries that soldiers should be paid, but perhaps the “warrior saints” of early Christian history would be historical examples. Maybe the Guardian Angels would be a contemporary example, but I don’t know. The second unacknowledged combination is the territory occupied by a large percentage of those people known as celebrities.

Certain regions of the diagram are associated with certain qualities:

  • greatness+love=passion
  • love+necessity=mission
  • necessity+remuneration=vocation
  • greatness+remuneration=profession

I suppose we could add

  • necessity+love=dedication
  • love+remuneration=promotion

As for foundups, I’m not sure. I don’t know whether to think it’s just a well-intentioned pyramid scheme, or something far-reaching and VACIMET-like.

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