Is Value Network relevant to Angel Economics?

I suspect the architects of Value Network (“ERP for networks”) have stumbled into some of the same concepts that I did when expanding on Angel Economics:

My first suggestion was to start with a simple production process; organized around one person or some other small number. Identify the inputs and outputs of that process. This activity should be simple, step-by-step and replicable.

In Value Network there is a data schema for modeling economic activity.  What stands out to me is that they refer to one of the basic units of economic activity as recipes.  Combine that with Value Network being about networks of economic actors, and it becomes clear that Value Network and Angel Economics have much in common.  I want to connect with this community, and it looks like their Github presence might be a venue for that, but I don’t know how to approach them.  (Hell, I don’t even know how to approach Github, and I understand that’s a common gripe…)  Suggestions (or even introductions) would be welcome.

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2 Responses to Is Value Network relevant to Angel Economics?

  1. Poor Richard says:

    When I look up “angel economics” and see “non-monetary” I just bail out.

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