Quotebag #113

Paul Lambie:
Aaron [Renn] says that the government shouldn’t try to sign “gotcha” deals with private parties, but does anyone believe that the aim of private entities is not to take advantage of government officials with such deals?
Here’s the thing. Wealth is not a number of dollars. It is not a number of material possessions. It’s having options and the ability to take on risk.
Cynthia Kaufman:
The idea that human nature is unchangeable and that it is basically selfish or anti-social is used over and over again to discourage people from challenging our current social order. It is one of the mechanisms used to promote cynicism and destroy hope.
I have to: (shoot this Rhino / suck this dick / deal this crack / rob this house / mug this person / run this racket / flip this cheeseburger / add micro transactions to this game / deny this claim / drill this deep ocean well / keep working for this !@#$%ing company / …(List_1))
In order to: (aquire money / feed my children / attract a relationship / give myself and my family a decent quality of life / …(List_2))
[Universal basic income] raises the “temperature” of the collective economic body. The barrier for people getting together and doing grassroots and idealistic work, anywhere — all the work we already have been brewing for decades — suddenly lowers from a 100 ft brick wall to a cute 1ft white wooden fence.
Cathy O’Neil:
I’m a sucker for reverse-engineering powerful algorithms, even when there are major caveats.
Sometimes you have to take a job that you know will be a bad fit because you would prefer eating to not eating. Never, and I mean never, feel like you have to defend or justify that choice.

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2 Responses to Quotebag #113

  1. Poor Richard says:

    “Sometimes you have to take a job that you know will be a bad fit”

    On the other hand, you might decide to burn your house or village and your crops and head for the mountains . . .

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