Quotebag #114

One of the things that sometimes seems to get lost when people talk about the power of the market to create efficiency is that a free market requires that information be shared and freely available and understandable by everyone. When information is withheld by one side or the other of a transaction, or when different customers for a service or product are unable to compare prices, the metaphor of the invisible hand breaks down.
There used to be, ‘Company Towns’. There are now, ‘Company Nations’ where every aspect of human life is governed by the whim of those at the top.
Competitiveness is what fufflers like best to exploit. Most non-fuffled life forms choose cooperate, out of an innate sense of self-preservation. Among the more evolved humans, competition is a display designed to please the gods, not to defeat your own friends.
Poor Richard:
Automation can easily exhaust any resistance we have.
The constant feeling that I could do much more for this world than I can possibly ever get payed for, if only I didn’t need to waste all my time doing things I can get payed for… There are few things so soul-crushing as the knowledge that this feeling is not mine alone, but is in fact commonplace.
all those bright well meant ideas drowning in a cestpool of advertising, warmongering, pron and what not.damn you interwebs you were the chosen one to lead us from darkness into light but kinda got high and wondered off…
From Arse To Elbow:
In a society where labour is increasingly superfluous, “work” becomes a positional good rather than an economic imperative. You can see the early stages of this in the shift to unpaid internships and the increasing cost of tertiary education.

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1 Response to Quotebag #114

  1. Poor Richard says:

    I doubt that work will ever be superfluous but it keeps getting less well paid. The superfluous bit is a myth meant to influence workers to accept decreasing compensation rather than fighting for economic justice.

    Did the interwebs really “wonder off” or is that a typo?

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