Quotebag #116

Richard Stallman:
Any speech recognition running on a server that isn’t yours, you can’t trust.
Emmi Bevensee and Kameron Fein
Just because illicit activities are not included in the GDP of a nation does not mean that they are not a part of the national economy or that they are somehow subverting it.
SMART = Surveillance Marketed as Revolutionary Technology
Sometimes, though, I think the ones who make the world better don’t do it for appreciation, but for the sheer pride of solving some puzzle others couldn’t solve. Many sorts of motivation exist, and not all are motivated by the same forces. But I see no reason to believe someone who wasn’t motivated by $50 million/year will suddenly become motivated by $500 million/year, nor do I believe their work will be 10x better than the “punitive” little $50/million paycheck.
In an actual revolutionary situation, presumably, because the workers have guns.
What, too coercive? The NAP is a conservative principle — the violence of the present is affirmed insofar as it is invisible, while the violence necessary to change and progress is viewed with horror.

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