Quotebag #118

Gail Tverberg:
Unfortunately, Adam Smith was right; there is an invisible hand guiding the economy.
Mike Konczal:
Those that would trade decommodification and worker power for basic income deserve neither.
Choice is a fuzzy concept.
The obsession with IQ is one of the great irrationalites of the rationalsphere.
Rick Falkvinge:
The way governments want to tap all money flows in order to fund itself is not entirely unlike how the surveillance agencies want to tap all information flows in order to have an information advantage.
Heather Marsh:
Society without science, and without an effective way to integrate epistemic communities, will always be a society dissociated and easily controlled.
Eureka Springs:
A couple generations is probably not long enough to learn how to shake off puritanical, neoliberal shackles. And if we allow the old company store to take a big/jig revenue stream for far far more than they are worth… like banks, credit cards, payday loansters, prison profiteers, cable and telcos and pharma, insurance, etc do today… then we are just plain stupid indeed.

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