Post-autistic economics meets the competition ethic

There’s workplace accommodations for disabilities, but making extroversion (“excellent communication skills”) no longer a prerequisite for employability (in virtually any occupation) would be pulling the thread that unravels the whole fabric of capitalist society. That’s my pet hypothesis, anyway.

I don’t have anything against extroverts. I’m just sick of extroversion being the ticket of admission, even to the occupations people think of as nerdy. It’s like Lake Wobegon. All the children are above average, and all the employed adults have excellent communication skills. Sounds like a broken society to me.

I think the HR-sphere gets it about portfolios of skills, but currently in a way where a portfolio that doesn’t include communication skills is basically unmarketable regardless of what things it does have. Any skill adds value to a skills portfolio, but communication is the one “make or break” skill.

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