Quotebag #124

Alan Mitchell:
In fact, we do not have any data commons at the moment, where each party gets their fair share. Quite the opposite. We have data enclosures, where a few powerful corporations harvest data for themselves to extract its value in deeply unfair ways.
Jason Stanley:
[David] Horowitz’s free speech attacks on universities lack legitimacy. Given the formal protections of academic freedom, universities in the United States host the freest domain of expression of any workplace. In private workplaces in the United States, free speech is a fantasy. Workers are regularly subjected to nondisclosure agreements, forbidding them to speak about various matters. In most workplaces, workers can be fired for political speech on social media. Attacking the only workplaces in a country with genuine free-speech protections using the ideal of free speech is another instance of the familiar Orwellian nature of propaganda.
Jade Blackthorne:
So how do you remove wealth from labor? We already know. By raising the costs of your basic needs. Basic needs like rent, mortgages, water, food, healthcare, education and transportation. You might notice that healthcare and education are the highest costs. Can you figure out why? Now imagine a whole community with free access to those resources and healing their minds and bodies and that community opening their eyes? That’s my fantasy.
John Patrick Leary:
Think about it: What could be less innovative now than founding yet another academic center for innovation and entrepreneurship?
Well no shit you make 125,000 to $150,000 a year you’re going to make a boatload of cash in a short period of time. being frugal and making a lot of money is always a recipe for success. being poor and frugal is a recipe for malnutrition and crippling depression.


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