Education and training in a better future

The bootmaker will still be the authority concerning boots, so most likely there will still be apprenticeships. Hopefully in the future apprenticeships will put more focus on imparting skills and knowledge and less (really, none) on indenturing and hazing the apprentices, limiting access to learning (understandable as necessary economic self defense under the status quo of competitive markets) and preserving trade secrets. Hopefully all workforce development will consist of apprenticeships of this new type.

As for primary and secondary education, hopefully we can get rid of the cohort system, so that a child is free to function, say, at second grade level in one subject and seventh grade in another. Also, let’s blow away the assumption that primary and secondary education are exclusive to childhood and adolescence. In a truly self-paced education, there should be nothing wrong with taking until past age 30 to finish high school, or with starting university studies at age 10.

Universities should be centers of both teaching and research. They should be under joint faculty and student governance. There should be no classified or proprietary research. Curriculum should also be nonproprietary. Also, if for some reason there are still “professional degree” programs in the hopefully better future, at least get rid of the cohort system there (which discriminates against many types of disabilities) and also abolish any hazing which might be connected with professional degree programs. Professions should exist to foster collegiality among workers, and for no other purpose.

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