Enough about tracking in education, already

The unfortunately popular agenda of steering both resources and students from academic to vocational learning is all kinds of problematic. We need to fight the assumption that those are mutually exclusive choices. I see no reason very large numbers of people can’t have both liberal arts degrees and journeyperson cards. Life expectancy is more ample than it used to be, and so is GDP. The larger the portion of the population that is leading the examined life, the better quality of life will be for all of us, I’m quite sure.

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2 Responses to Enough about tracking in education, already

  1. R mcneilly says:

    In the 60’s i was targeted to go to college and be an engineer. I couldn’t take metal shop.That was for the tool and die bound kids.
    So no hand/mind duality. Meanwhile all yalk was of evil USSR slotting children into occupations. At least they got jobs after graduation.

    • n8chz says:

      What’s the difference between being targeted and being slotted? It would seem the hand/mind duality would best be served by allowing people to occupy both slots (plus additional slots, I’m sure) which is what I’m advocating.

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