Quotebag #125

Julius Goat:
Principles scare the shit out of the GOP, and pragmatism doesn’t. For good reason.
Martin Tisne
Data rights should protect privacy, and should account for the fact that privacy is not a reactive right to shield oneself from society. It is about freedom to develop the self away from commerce and away from governmental control.
Fabiana Cecin:
You want to believe you live in a world where people are rational and intelligent, but unfortunately people are more like insects who respond to “incentives,” i.e. rule by various forms of external power they don’t understand.
James Fillmore:
A thing I’ve seen more times than I care to count is the person who used to be concerned with injustice and wasn’t once they got rich. Invariably this is described by them as some form of hard-nosed realism; “I realized how the world works” or “I grew up.” Often seasoned with a pinch of cynicism; you can’t change human nature.
Dale Carrico:
The lies of the futurists are exposed in mainstream media publications on sn hourly basis these days now that “the singularity” turns out to have been the stupid refeudalization of the postwar economy while we were distracted by the spectacle of Jeff Bezos re-inventing the Sears catalogue and google/facebook turning cyberspace, “Home of Mind,” back into broadcast television.
The Libertarian dream of private ownership of everything is becoming disgustingly true
Anyways I didn’t have the necessary experience for an entry level position to gain the necessary experience for an entry level position

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