Innovation=entrepreneurship, another repeat-until-true meme

Part of the problem is that at some point the hype machine made a regular meme campaign of using the words innovation and entrepreneurship interchangeably. I can only assume that the goal of this aggressive framing is to create a social consensus that unmonetized innovation doesn’t count. Maybe it’s Team Capitalism’s response to those of us in the Tesla-was-more-of-an-innovator-than-Edison camp. Because entrepreneurship is a very competitive winner-take-all arena of combat, and because history is written by the winners, all our stories about innovation are in hindsight, about the one in ten startups that don’t fail, and the structure and format of these stories has become very predictable and cliche, to the point that they’re telling the same story over and over. Basically the stock news story that has come to be called “entrepreneurship porn,” like inspiration porn, except about entrepreneurship/innovation (again framed as being two words for the same thing) instead of disability. One can make a regular drinking game around instances of entrepreneurship porn appearing in a news broadcast and the enterprise in question turns out to be cupcakes.

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