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All cars to come with a location beacon

It says in the always-recommended Freedom to Tinker blog that The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is proposing a requirement that every car should broadcast a cleartext message specifying its exact position, speed, and heading ten times per … Continue reading

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Data donor cards

I propose we create a new category of consumer. The way we do that is by some of us announcing that we are, in fact, consumers of this new type. I propose that some number of us (myself included) proclaim … Continue reading

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Stingray devices and the seeming paucity of civilian countermeasures

Kevin Collier: This Is How Many Stingray Devices Exist in Trump’s America Surely there must be at least the theoretical possibility of a warchalking technique capable of differentiating spoofs from legit transponders. Are there still people who apply hacker ethic … Continue reading

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Post-autistic economics meets the competition ethic

There’s workplace accommodations for disabilities, but making extroversion (“excellent communication skills”) no longer a prerequisite for employability (in virtually any occupation) would be pulling the thread that unravels the whole fabric of capitalist society. That’s my pet hypothesis, anyway. I … Continue reading

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Quotebag #118

Gail Tverberg: Unfortunately, Adam Smith was right; there is an invisible hand guiding the economy. Mike Konczal: Those that would trade decommodification and worker power for basic income deserve neither. Stephanie: Choice is a fuzzy concept. TheAncientGeekAKA1Z: The obsession with … Continue reading

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Maybe I’m a high modernist

I became aware of the terminology “high modernist” by reading Scott Alexander’s review of Seeing Like a State by James Scott. Scott A: But the High Modernists were pawns in service of a deeper motive: the centralized state wanted the … Continue reading

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Quotebag #117

Paul Ford: The entire world of emulation is filled with references to very specific things that you should not seek out, that you must never Google, that you should definitely not obtain. Summerspeaker: If suffering proves absolutely necessarily for conscious … Continue reading

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