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Effective altruism

I’ve largely reached the conclusion that the agenda of the effective altruism movement has a phase one which consists of gradually adding effectiveness to altruism, at some point to be followed by a phase two which will consist of gradually … Continue reading

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That’s the real reason there’s no viable business model for journalism. All this talk of ad blocker blockers and micropayments and DRM misses the point. To work for money is to work for money.

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Autonomy, Diversity, Society

Originally posted on GeorgieBC's Blog:
Donate One of our most overwhelming impulses as humans is to belong to a society. The pain of shunning is the most powerful coercive tool we employ against each other. Shunning can motivate people…

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“America is a Christian nation”

It is a nation without an official religion. That’s precisely why it’s home to the (unfortunately, in my opinion) least secular society in the free world. The absence of an official religion is why America became a magnet for those … Continue reading

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Democracy is not Enough – Rip it up and Start Again

Originally posted on Self Certified:
There’ll soon be a white supremacist in the white house. He’ll be advised by an actual Neo-Nazi, while his Chief of Staff provides a connection with the old conservative establishment. Trump’s vice president elect, Mike…

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Free culture movement under attack

The free culture movement and the pirate movement are two quite different things. The latter is fair game for ostracism by those who value Rule of Law. Free Culture, however, is not about expropriating things into the public domain but … Continue reading

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Intentional economic calculation

The market is remarkably good at allocating resources efficiently. The only problem is that the market magic doesn’t work on criteria of efficiency that aren’t dollar-weighted. I suppose it’s one of those normative vs. positive things. Since (1) it doesn’t … Continue reading

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