Quotebag #126

Aral Balkan:
In the PC 1.0 era, individuals had ownership and control of their machines. If, for example, you installed an app and it used your 9600 baud modem to phone home and report on your behaviour, we called it a Trojan – and we understood it to be malware. Today, we call a far more sophisticated and ubiquitous version of this the extremely lucrative business model of Silicon Valley.
It’s no use having a plan to conquer the fucking galaxy if society is optimizing itself to devise ever more clever ways to con people into clicking on ads.
Cory Doctorow:
Once upon a time, the internet teemed with experimental, personal publications.
also there is categorically never a market under capitalism in which power relations are equal enough for a fair deal
Shane Burley:
Fascism is the violent inequality of society moving from the implicit to the explicit, and it will continue to return unless that implicit element is addressed and demolished.

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