Name someone who has significantly influenced the way you see the world.

Robert Anton Wilson.  His writings have taught me how to have a sense of humor about things like anarcho-capitalists (even though he probably was one) and more importantly, introduced me to the notion of zeteticism, or “model agnosticism.”

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2 Responses to Name someone who has significantly influenced the way you see the world.

  1. Poor Richard says:

    I think I’d raise my hand if somebody at the front of the room called for all pseudo-skeptics and pseudo-intellectuals.

  2. Poor Richard says:

    I looked up zeteticism, so that was on my mind…

    ONE NAME: Victor Hugo

    I read Les Miserables three times before I was 15. The only other book I read more than once was Animal Farm. I have a hypothesis that Hunchback of Notre Dame is an allegory about the brain, otherwise known back in the day as the mind. The cathedral represents the person as a whole. The characters, couples, groups, and organizations represent various neurophysiological and cognitive subsystems of the mind. I am saying all this to keep myself from thinking of and listing other names of people who influenced me.

    Most people would probably say their mother or father, right?


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