Fictional characters to whom I relate

Fictional characters to whom I relate

The meme (courtesy of Jamie) is simple; name six fictional characters in whom you could see yourself, and explain why you were able to do so. Mine are as follows:

  1. Shevek: From U. K. LeGuin’s The Dispossessed. Not the theoretical physicist protagonsit, but the other Shevek, inventor of a bearing used in heavy machinery. But seriously, Shevek the main character was the inspiration behind pubwan, by being such a spokesman for non-classified non-proprietary research.
  2. Rain: In Out of Oz, the fourth installment in Gregory Maguire’s Wicked Years series. I suspect he was trying to see how brazenly autistic a character he could come up with.
  3. Kilgore Trout: featured in several books by Kurt Vonnegut, particularly Breakfast of Champions. Living on the margins, and relegated to obscurity by the necessity of the business model. In his case, science fiction being economically dependent on the business model of pornographic novels.
  4. Sherlock Holmes: The one in the contemporary version now playing Sunday nights on PBS. Wonderfully deadpan.
  5. Jen Lindley: character on the TV series Dawson’s Creek played by Michelle Williams. AFAIK the television medium’s first out-of-the-closet atheist character since the Meathead on All in the Family.
  6. Betty Suarez: of Ugly Betty. An “ingenue” character. Those are always interesting.

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1 Response to Fictional characters to whom I relate

  1. human mathematics says:

    for me: the clown (“Feste”) from 12th Night

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