Quotebag #67

“Employers have no goddamn business in the exam room with an employee and their doctor. Per-i-od.”—Brittany-Ann Wick

“The only thing that matters is who has the power when the next age of technology rolls out. When nanotechnology, perfect lie detectors, quantum computers, advanced AI, and advanced electronics surveillance comes out within the next 10-20 years, I sure hope someone who respects civil liberties is in power, because if they aren’t, there will never be another chance to turn the tide. It will be too late.”—LaughingCat

“Who cares that the ‘homeowners’ don’t own any percentage of their ‘homes’? They are still more responsible, valuable and attention-worthy than all those renters who are rootless, unreliable lazy layabouts. Thus, the myth that everybody needs to shoulder a humongous mortgage because that’s the truly American thing to do gets perpetuated.”—Clarissa

“Thinking that an invisible hand is going to lead to a stable solution, let alone an appropriate one or an optimal one, is based on magical thinking.”—Tom Hickey

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