Quotebag #69

“I’d hate to think what a university run for profit would be like. Even Sovietisation would be preferable to that.”—Steve

“[David] Graeber deserves to be on the Sunday television shows in the US, but of course, that is not going to happen. The middle managers know to stack their shows with Republicans and corporate Democrats (with Paul Krugman the one elite member who is allowed to say some things that are not very polite about capitalism) and Graeber would look like he was from Mars compared to the other talking heads.”—Mitchell J. Freedman

“The Tea Party and Libertarians is just the GOP with a bag over its head. I’m not going to engage it as if it’s a new movement. I refuse to talk to and engage the dummy on the ventriloquist’s lap as if it actually has a real viewpoint.”—Stephen

“‘Let the Market Decide’ Always Means ‘Let Rich People Decide’”—Dale Carrico

“To start a farm you need capital, which you have to earn or prove you can pay back. In one case you will become indebted, in the other you will have to work for wages. Neither is the epitome of freedom.”—Unlearningecon

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