Maybe not Classics Club material, but a stack of 50 boooks to put on my to-read list.


This fascinating list originally appeared at Fantastic Metropolis. Add any that you were expecting to see in the thread below…

Fifty Fantasy & Science Fiction Works That Socialists Should Read

By China Miéville

January 23, 2002

This is not a list of the “best” fantasy or SF. There are huge numbers of superb works not on the list. Those below are chosen not just because of their quality—which though mostly good, is variable—but because the politics they embed (deliberately or not) are of particular interest to socialists. Of course, other works—by the same or other writers—could have been chosen: disagreement and alternative suggestions are welcomed. I change my own mind hour to hour on this anyway.

Iain M. Banks—Use of Weapons (1990)

Socialist SF discussing a post-scarcity society. The Culture are “goodies” in narrative and political terms, but here issues of cross-cultural guilt and manipulation complicate the story from…

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  1. Lindsay says:

    What a great list! I love China Mieville for his own wildly inventive fiction, and he got all the major ones I was thinking of (mostly, The Dispossessed and Iain M. Banks’s “Culture” novels).

    I’m a bit surprised he picked “The Yellow Wallpaper” over Herland to represent Charlotte Perkins Gilman, though! “Yellow Wallpaper” is great literature, and it does exactly what he says it does, which is paint a chilling picture of how power can exert itself in sinister ways even in the context of a loving romantic or family relationship, but Herland a) is actually SF, and b) actually depicts an alternative society based on an egalitarian and communal ethic.

    I hadn’t heard of most of those books, though. You’re right, they do all look interesting. (And he also proposes some very novel interpretations of some books I have read …)

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