Quotebag #108

“Any time someone sets up a ‘heads I win, tails I-don’t-lose’ arrangement, there’s a good bet that someone else is losing.”—Michael O. Church

“I believe that this is because, for some inexplicable reason, we treat economy like a ‘force’ (like gravity or electromagnetism) instead of as a ‘creation’ (like a government). I don’t really see why, since all economies are ultimately made up of people, some of whom have a lot more power than others…just like government.”—m1sterlurk

“Smash the economic panopticon!”—Brainpolice2

“Still, as I say, the only criteria that should be a constant is human health and happiness, not the noise we often engage in when discussing business models and theories. Leave the disruption to the likes of Snowden, so that Snowden’s form of disruption performs a salutary check on government overreach and empire…”—Mitchell J. Freedman

“Volunteering for community: Yes! Working for tech company for free for work dudes get paid for: No! ”—Robyn O.

“So, we sell the stuff we catch overseas, and then import our stuff from China. Of course I’m sure economists will beat us over the head with Ricardian Equivalence to explain how this shipping of seafood thousands of miles across the globe every day is economically ‘efficient,’ and that our silly little common sense it totally wrong. After all, economics is ‘science!’ But does anyone think this energy efficient? How much fossil fuels are used in this system?”—escapefromwisconsin

“The ‘promise’ of automation has historically been ‘freeing workers from drudgery’ — that’s code for ‘unemployment.’ Benefits accrue upwards.”—LibrarianShipwreck

“Forcing people to ‘verify their identity’ via utility bills is thinly veiled classism. They want homeowners and master tenants.”—I really like bears.

“The everyday experiences of most people should attest to the fact that consumer sovereignty is a myth and that the voluntary nature of employment is a myth.”—Brainpolice2

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