Quotebag #122

Michael O. Church:
Silicon Valley is a resource-extraction culture, similar to the Gulf States, but instead of the finite resource being petroleum, it’s the good faith of the American middle class, and the memory of a reasonably meritocratic mid-century, that’s being tapped.
I like how when taxes are cut for the rich and we criticize it, we all get yelled at about how “it’s not a zero-sum game!!”

But when we propose paying the poor more, well, that’s going to drastically lower everybody else’s quality of life because then, magically, it is a zero-sum game.

It’s almost as if Free-Marketers will say whatever it takes to enforce their vision of eternally shitting on the working class and poor.

Next up from a delusional liberal near you: how the NSA and CIA are really just fuzzy little puppies who only want to lick your face and cutely attempt to navigate the stairs.
It’s impossible to create a culture of shared values when you also have people so far above the power and logistics problems defining our current existence.


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