Quotebag #54

“We have a two-party, one-ideology system of governance, and the ideology is one of economic growth at all costs.”—JP Hayes

“The problem of pimps is a problem of people. The problem is not merely that a few sociopaths exploit others for their own gain; the problem is that human beings come with built-in exploits, honed by evolution and primed by life experiences, that allow them to be exploited by sociopaths (who constitute at least 3% of the general population).”—Sister Y

“Hiding is futile. Our only path is sousveillance. Looking back.”—David Brin

“I have a terror of networking as a practice not only because of my autism but also because I always feel embarrassed when I observe these naked attempts to exploit festive occasions to meet the right people.”—Clarissa

“The dirty little secret is that the service economy sector with the greatest prospect of expansion is also the one in which the most efficient and least costly way of operating is for the customers to do it themselves.”—Sandwichman

“When the game of making human babies did not have a good opt-out (i.e., prior to around 1970 C.E.), participation in the wider information games was largely instrumental for better playing the breeding game. But with good ways to opt out of breeding new humans, the original game – the game of breeding to pass some of one’s genetic information into the future — is coming to be recognized as a small, rather pathetic subset of the total space of information games.”—Sister Y

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