Quotebag #89

“As for the libertarians themselves, we must not be shocked that they re-iterate the Sumerian division between the elect and the debt-bound with the devotion appropriate to a middle born climber.”—Crow Falls Down

“A hierarchy is a machine — basically a steam engine straight out of the factory age — for compelling people to do what they have no direct rational interest in doing, for the benefit of those with whom they have a fundamental conflict of interest.”—Kevin Carson

“It is not simply a ‘reward for services rendered’ that I’m supposed to believe. It is life held ransom to illegitimate structures of control called companies, corporations, private industry. Both subjugator and subjugated sing the same song. If ‘Work or die’ is the chorus, then ‘No excuses’ would be the crescendo. ‘If I can do it, you can too’ we mindlessly drone.”—Prodigeek

“The government/market dichotomy is pervasive in contemporary political and economic debate.”—Unlearningecon

“The capitalist state is run by capitalists. Tear it down without simultaneously tearing them down, and another one will pop up, and we’ll be playing whack-a-mole for eternity.”—anon.

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1 Response to Quotebag #89

  1. Lindsay says:

    Wow, that Crow Falls Down person has some really interesting ideas! They’re a great writer, too — the beauty of their language is, if anything, blowing me away even more than the power of their ideas (which would be sufficient to blow me away all on its own).

    Thanks for linking their post; not sure I ever would’ve read it otherwise.

    I don’t quite grasp the thing about labor, though. “If a man works hard to get what he deserves, then he deserves none of it. Desserts are either created by labor, and thus the property of all and none, or they are accident, and being mere good fortune, belong no more to their winners than does the light of distant stars.”

    I don’t understand why a good created by someone’s labor wouldn’t belong to that person, if it was the sort of thing that could belong to just one person. What I understand to be the fallacy of the libertarian position — that everything I have, I have because I earned it — is that it refuses to understand the role that luck and other people’s labor play in enabling you to be “self-supporting.” I do not understand why a person wouldn’t have first dibs on, say, a fish that they caught or a batch of cookies that they baked.

    I like their characterization of liberals in this post, though. And their discussion of why gun hoarders really aren’t revolutionary at all, and their really moving description of childhood in hierarchical cultures like this one.

    What a brilliant, compassionate person.

    (I’m saying all this to you because Tumblr has no comments, alas.)

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